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pffft…. that’s it? I’m a racist?

Actually, I only said racist get PO’ed. I never defined that subset. Although, it is noticeable that a vast number of people try to turn too many comments into racist innuendo. Referencing White Peeps as “pasty” is not racist. It’s an observation which generally tends to be accurate. My observation did not reference White people as pasty was not done with use of a derogatory phrase, unless you consider “pasty” derogatory, in which case, that’s a problem I don’t agree with. FWIW, “pasty” is an adjective. In my opinion, most racist labels are nouns. If “pasty” is offensive, you really need a thicker skin. I doubt you Would’ve enjoyed the era when Gen X was more prevalent. I won’t apologise for bruising the egos of Millennial or Gen Z Snowflakes.

Squinty eyes Chinese jokes are out. Nappy headed little black kid jokes are also taboo.

You should’ve seen revision commercials in the 60s then. Based upon “millennial rules” you need to immediately start boycotting all makers of cough syrup, as well as laundry detergents, as you would not approve of tier part ad campaigns.

You also need to boycott CBS. Rod Serling used to embed a Chesterfield cigarette ad in most episodes closing synopsis.

Like I mentioned, I’m Gen X. We never gave a shit about anything. I’m not going to boycott whomever she fuck it is that makes Aunt Jemima syrup. It was a product. It was not being sold to promote racism. It was a recognised brand. People need to lighten the fuck up.

Also, should you wish to boycott comedians for their context from the past, you’ll have to go earlier than George Carlin or Richard Prior. (Reference the title of his comedy album from ‘76.) You’ll also have to go earlier than Mel Brooks.

A good place to start should be to blame it all on Lenny Bruce. While he was also making a political statement, addressing racism, you’ll have to go back to the early sixties.

Here’s a couple for you to start the outrage, plus this is the latter stuff, considering Lenny Bruce OD’ed in 1970 or 1971.

Lenny Bruce Short: “Thank you, Masked Man”. The Lone Ranger is gay and Tonto is his sex partner. It parted in theatres prior to The King of Hearts, along with the other short Bambi Meets Godzilla.

This one’s a bit tougher, yet still not banned. I personally don’t think you should watch any John Waters. It will all be offensive for you.

Pink Flamingos, 1972, Rated X. Upon its 25th anniversary it released again in ‘97. Unlike most films, this one kept the X, as an NC17. He always films in Baltimore.

Storyline: Devine, Now deceased 400lb transvestite who would always film with John Waters, plays the matriarch of a family who constantly win the award for Most Disgusting Family of the Year, or something to that effect. One year a couple wants to unseat them. They attempt this by kidnapping teens, addicting them to drugs, while chained in their basement, impersonates them and sells their babies to lesbian couples on the black market. Needless to say, they fail.

Things that could be considered “disturbing” by some standards. Devine’s son can only have sex while having live chickens in the sex act. The chickens are actually killed on film. (John Waters comment: Roughly “We didn’t do anything that slaughter houses don’t do. We just filmed it. Also, all chickens were served to the crew for lunch “.

While there is a lot, cut to the final scene. Divine and family are walking down a sidewalk. Background music is “How Much is that Doggy in the Window.” A poodle, being walked, comes on-set and takes a dump at the street corner. Divine then walks to the corner and eats the poodle dropping. This was not a stunt. The camera actually catches Divine experiencing a gag reflex Prior to cut scene.

So, yeah, I’ll pass on the faux outrage by millennials and Gen Z peeps.

I don’t expect the world to accommodate my; however, I will also not modify my behaviour to accommodate a world of Snowflakes. I will stay in my Bubble, though.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.