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No thank you for your service.

Trust me. The last thing on my mind when joining the Army was the desire for anyone to thank me. I’d spent most of the Vietnam War protesting at the Capitol and the WH.

I’m guessing you couldn’t get in, or did the ASVABs limit you to being an 11 Bravo? (Should you not know what the ASVABs are, I’ll go ahead and make that 11 Bravo assumption. 😎)

You served in vain.

No, actually I did it so I could pay for college. Serving the country want even on the list of considerations.

I did get some extra benefits, though. I was paid to sit at a desk for over a year to learn Russian, plus I now get to have USAA, cheap beer at the AL, and a military discount, both on my mobile bill, as well as discount weed and medical visits for the dispensaries.

Oh, also, depending on the location, some places give me discounts on firearms and range time. Sadly, no discount for my CCW Permit.

(Hopefully you didn’t do the 11 Bravo route. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be next to you on a range if you had a box of 5.56 rounds. Auto has a way of taking things over when you’re not expecting it.) 😂

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.