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You two morons haven’t figured out that you are on the losing side of this argument. We are talking about mentally ill parents who are abusing their kids.

Most people understand that letting adults make their own decisions about who they live or what they do with their own bodies is a basic human right. When you’re dealing with Children I’m afraid that issue is not so clear cut. It is a sickness that is being spread around by liberals and it’s destroying an entire generation of children. It’s not something cute for a 6 or even 12 year old to decide their sexuality for their entire lives. It’s something twisted that’s being put on a poor child by likely mentally ill adults who are either seeking attention or have some other mental health issues going on.

Sexuality needs to be figured out when a person fully matures. I’m not saying a kid can’t choose pink clothes if they like pink. I’m saying parents need to take a step back and make sure they aren’t influencing those decisions.

Sexuality is a deeply personal thing. It’s not other people’s business. People don’t have to celebrate your sexual choices. But a child, is not being helped by parents who assist them in gender reassignment before they have even reached physical maturity. It’s wrong and more than fair to characterize it the way Rand Paul did with this woman.

He’s asking a legitimate question to someone who happens to be transgender. It’s still a legitimate question. Do you think that children can make life altering decisions about their sexuality?

And I’m only responding because of the substance even though the OP didn’t have any substance and is nothing but an uninformed, smear that Alice probably got of Clair’s twitter feed.