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That money is crazy…but there are teams out there that will pay that. Thats probably why Pittsburgh is out….they wont pay market value for ANYONE. If Green Bay spend 15 mil on Watt that show Rodgers they are calling his bluff and wont give him better weapons…which will lead to issues for them<

So I think hes out for the PACK unless he comes way down I think his landing spot will be either Cleveland or Tennessee

His perfect fit WOULD have been Tampa. Tampa has a line full of talent so Watt could see single teams most of the time…Watt here would have 15 sacks a year

Those aforementioned places he wont even make it through a full season because the double and triple teams will run him into the ground and he just cant handle that now. If he doesn’t come to Tampa he wont be in the league more than 2 more years