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Seriously, you have no depth quality of analysis.

What you are bringing up are two different comparisons:

    1. Winston v Brady
    2. Oline issues: deficiencies, salary, and projection

I dunno if I should even entertain this query of sheer stupidity because you’ve brought no analysis to support it, let alone incapable to evaluating entities separately and in conjunction with each other.

Yet… I’ve got a silver bullet for the willfully ignorant @buc_boi.

Do you know what are rank is in run production for 2020? We are ranked 28th overall in run production at 94.9 yards per game. You don’t think the Oline doesn’t need help still? Remember how Rojo couldn’t punch it in from the 1-yard line twice against KC in the Super Bowl?

Just how ignorant are you?

Tampa Rushing

    2015: 135.1 ypg (5th)
    2016: 101.0 ypg (24th)
    2017: 90.6 ypg (27th)
    2018: 95.2 ypg (29th)
    2019: 95.1 ypg (24th)
    2020: 94.9 ypg (28th)

I guess @buc_boi believed the RG position was immediately fixed in 2018.

2018 Tampa RG, PFF rating

    Benenoch: 44.8 PFF rating
    Cappa: 40.1 PFF rating

GM Licht believed he addressed the starting RG position in 2018 very well.

Oh, and Jensen was signed to be the highest paid center in 2018. Here’s his PFF score for 2018:

2018 Tampa C, PFF rating

    Jensen: 55.7 PFF rating

, you are the most willfully ignorant Buc fan on this board. When we signed Brady, I stated Brady will mask several deficiency on our Oline because he gets rid of the ball faster and is willing to throw the ball away to avoid a sack. Brady proved me correct. You, @buc_boi, are proving to be allergic to logic, learning, and higher level thinking. Hopefully, you can stumble into such items in the future, but I think you might not be that lucky.