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What I said was also tongue in cheek. I even gave you a thumbs up which a hardly ever do for liberals and socialists.

And I agree with you on Scanner and everything Phillip K. Dick. It’s been a while but some very thought provoking stuff. For me his greatest dive into the rabbit hole was actually “Valis”. I think I read that 20 years ago and still have nightmares. lol Not really nightmares.

Too bad about Star Wars. Yes it’s cheesy and silly but I grew up with it. Just thinking of seeing Rouge One with my son a few years ago and at the end when Darth Vader docks with Princess Leia’s ship to try to capture the plans for the death star and he kills like 10 rebel troopers in 10 seconds and they just get the plans through the door before he can get them….. Euphoria. Complete bliss. I would have cried if I wasn’t completely frozen. Star wars made it ok to root for the bad guys. Not when I was a kid but for a lot of people who grew up with it, you developed some empathy for Vader and eventually the Rebel side seemed dull and the motives just too simple… they’re just the good guys? WHY ARE THEY THE GOOD GUYS? It’s just a government? Sure enslaving people is bad, so I guess the rebels do have that on the Empire but I’m not so sure. lol

Look, That’s all for you DC. Fire can just STFU about any of this.