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The first game against them meant nothing as it was week 1 but that second game was such a beat down that the playoff win vs them is a bit perplexing. I want to say that a few things led to it. One being that Brees just didn’t have the arm strength any more to go down field and that made them a little more one dimensional in the passing game and we did a good job taking advantage of that. As we knew they would dink and dunk their way down the field.

They also were without an offensive line starter and was without Hill who gave them another dimension to their game that gave us fits the first time. Also the fact that our offense and d were clicking at the right time. Pass rush was getting there and our young secondary was improving. Offensive line was blocking well for Brady and run game. It seemed like everything worked out at the right time. Which is pretty much what it takes to win it. Some luck and everything working out at the right time.