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Brees may or may not have had the arm strength in the playoff game. But Rodgers and Mahomes had the arm strength and that didn’t seem to help them to find their targets. Brees doesn’t take sacks. He’d prefer to get the ball out quickly. Come hell or high water he’s going to get that ball out rather than take a sack. But that doesn’t mean it will be a good throw. I just think he was forced to get that ball out before he could make a good throw.

One guy the Bucs didn’t have to deal with in the playoffs was Taysom Hill. The Saints couldn’t bring in the gadget player for a change of pace. The Bucs were able to solve the Brees equation and that was that. As an aside, I think the Bucs did make a mistake by not calling a timeout when Winston came in. Somebody should have said “Um guys you know Jameis is not normally a wide receiver right? Whats up with that? Why would he be going out for a pass?” It was only in the 2nd quarter, so burning a timeout is no big deal.