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Chron, when somebody takes a hard right you have to take a hard left just to get back to the middle.

Look executive orders are not the preferrable way to do business. But Biden didn’t get elected in the middle of the pandemic to sit on his butt and wait for Congress to sort things out only to realize a year or two later that nothing got done. That would have been a failure on his part. He has to issue executive orders or be a do-nothing President.

If you don’t think the separation of powers is working right now, blame Congress. They are the branch who has abdicated responsibility for doing its job, working together to come to a consensus to pass laws. The Republicans stonewall the Democrats and the Democrats stonewall the Republicans. You can’t be seen as being cooperative with the other party. There’s no end in sight, especially with Trump still in the game.

If we’re going to wait for Congress to start doing their job, its going to be a long wait. Biden has been a member of the Senate for 36 years. He doesn’t have a problem working with them. But if you’re going to stonewall him then he has no choice but to issue executive orders. Look at the Covid stimulus. The Republicans come with a proposal that is 1/3rd of Biden’s plan. That’s not a legitimate offer from the minority party. Its just an indication that they have no interest in sorting something out. Biden’s doing what he has to do.