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I agree that extensions would help things, but it’s not as simple as just finding the cap room to give a player the big payday. I’m saying this.

Evans says he’ll help out…again.
You want Brady to be team freindly.
You want Gronk to be team freindly.
You want Suh to be team freindly.
You want Smith to help out, when he would be a free agent next year.
Who else wants to help out? Brate? Howard?
You want David to take a hometown discount.

OK they’re not asking anybody to donate their money. Everybody’s going to get paid, but they are asking people to work around and maybe take a little less money in the end than they could otherwise get.

Are they doing this to win another title or to donate to the Shaq and Godwin “break the bank” fund? If you give a massive contract to either of those two guys it is going to skew things. It is not going to fit in well with the concept of trying to get the band back together. That’s why ultimately they will have to let Shaq walk and franchise Godwin and work on his deal over time.