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Trump may have been a win for Putin but not in the way Alice and Fire spin it. Biden may be just as much a win for him. It’s all about discord which is neither beholden to the left or the right.


Maybe; it’s too wait to tell; however, with the bombing raid in Syria, things are looking up. I don’t miss Reagan; however, he was spot on, along with the rest of Republicans, in flat out visiting the Soviets and making life miserable for them. I’m hoping Biden restores the notion that the Soviets are not our ally, but an oligarchy that needs to be put down.

There will be no Soviet response for Syria, as Russia has just become one giant third world nation. IMHO, the US should bomb the shit out of all major population areas in Russia, which would end them.

People will claim that it would start off a nuclear war. First, I seriously doubt that. While nations are discounting nukes, I doubt that Russia would retaliate with anything other than conventional warfare. The oligarchs have too much to lose, should they send nukes. China also would most likely remain neutral. A defeated Russia world Give them a boost in their role in the world.

We’ve had many wars in my lifetime, yet the last, and only time Nukes played a role was with Truman ordered the strikes on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I believe that the level of destruction that that act caused required to re-think the use of nukes in warfare. There has been plenty opportunity to launch a nuclear strike since the last one ended WWII; however, I believe that it also sent a Wake-up call to all nations about the extreme devastation. Most nations have agreed that, in the event of war, they would not use nukes, except in retaliation of a similar attack.

There us only one area I’m concerned about, and I’m pretty certain that US intel holds the same belief, although no longer being in Intel, it’s only speculation.

The sole threat of a nuclear attack exists between India and Pakistan, who both hold nukes and he are each other to the extent that that is the only place in the other that gives indigestion to other nations. I’m fairly certain that, at times of extreme unrest at the India / Pakistani border, the entire world holds There breath for as minute, until the situation is diffused.

When I was over there, I heard some very interesting opinions from citizens of India. IMHO, most people in India would gladly accept the collateral damage to their own country if it meant ending Pakistan. (India peeps also had an amusing way to describe their internal hatred for the two main factions of the Hindu religion. (While the comments were funny, by today’s standards they wouldn’t be very PC. one that isn’t too bad was someone in Chennai existing to me why some Indians were the head garb and don’t cut their hair, the comment being: Those people lost a civil war over one hundred years ago, and they’re still pissed off enough that they want their division to be known. From what I’ve heard, they will not cut their hair until the other factions in India are destroyed and they regain power.)

Sorry for the bit of a tangent; however, it is a decent subordinate argument that supports the hatred between these groups of people. As such, I feel it was necessary to the post.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.