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Very true on PKD in general, and also VALIS. One interesting thing was that VALIS, as you probably know, was PKD’s attempt at looking at religion as he was getting older. I have the entire trilogy. One of my favourites was The Man in the High Castle. What an amazing concept, and Amazon really did it Justice in the four years it ran as a series. PKD, was never very well off until he sold what became Blade Runner. (I am friends with his last GF, who was with him when he passed away. She shares some insanely fun stories, as well as insights into some of his true meanings.

As far as his drug usage, he used a lot. I will post his Author’s Afterward in a separate post, as I find it as compelling as the novel. I like how, while he laments the troubles of the time, he is able to put it under a microscope and offer insight which is neither for it’s against the actions of him and his friends at the time. The Afterward, IMHO, it truly quite moving. (It’s only four paragraphs. The film ends with the final comment of the stewards; however, that really doesn’t do it Justice.

On Star Wars, most true. I resume how popular it was. I also learned that, should you be dating a girl who grew up worshipping the films, never make a Malt Liquor joke in reference to Billy Dee Williams. My ribs hurt for about three weeks. 😎 (At some time, he was doing commercials for Colt 45.)

For me, SW was mostly timing. I was almost twenty when the first one released in theatres. As a result, I just never felt compelled to stand in the long lines and watch them. My ideal in Sci-Fi is more song the lines of Blade Runner. (I enjoy my graphic violence in film, and both Harrison Ford, as well as Rutger Hauer. The performances were all amazing, and, Daryl Hannah did a great job at bringing Z the character Pris to life. (I have the Collector’s Box Edition, which contains all five versions of the film.))

So, since I now have Disney +, I may actually watch them. Back then, being in my twenties, I just didn’t really hold the interest. It felt like it was marketed for a younger audience. Not that that’s bad thing. It was primarily timing. You do make very good points on evaluating the series though, so I’ll try to watch them over the next month.

Oh, also, thx for the thumbs up, despite my socialism. 😎 I also gave you +1s. 😊

I hope you will read the Authir’s Afterward which will be posted below. It really is an incredible insight into where his head was at, both during the 60s, as well as when he wrote the novel.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.