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Run Production

    2018: 95.2 (29th)
    2019: 95.1 (24th)
    2020: 94.9 (28th)

FBO, 2nd level OLine run blocking rank

    2018: 27th
    2019: 28th
    2020: 21st

We need to improve at RG if we’re to improve our run blocking.

If we’re to save money and we’ve identified that Cappa is solid at pass blocking, then wouldn’t it be prudent to shift Cappa to center and draft a more talented RG who can run block and pass block?

Jensen is being paid $10 mil to be mediocre.

C Ryan Jensen, PFF rating

    2018: 56.6 PFF rating
    2019: 79.3 PFF rating
    2020: 64.9 PFF rating

2019 stands out like a sore thumb and probably had a far too lenient PFF evaluator because that rating did not match the eye test. With two out of the three seasons being mediocre for what we’re paying him, I think it should be a safe bet to move on from him.

We know Cappa isn’t mobile and you need mobility as a guard to help get your RB’s to the 2nd level. Also, we need more strength at the guard position. Last year, I believe all the QB sneaks by Brady were towards LG Marpet’s side, and for obvious reasons.

If we can be a consistent two-dimensional offense, then we will be more than prepared to protect/shelter the next QB after Brady.

I would love a new starting RG and save $10 mil in the process.