Natural Selection

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I’m not sure if he would take a deal like this, but I’d give him 60 mil for 3 seasons. 30 up front with minimum salary in 2021. 10 mil guaranteed in 2022 salary for a 20 mil hit that season. 20 in salary in 2023 for a 30 mil hit. If he’s not still elite, cut and eat 10 mil dead in 2023. Shaq gets 40 mil guaranteed over next 2 seasons and we have manageable hits in both.

I’m hoping ownership is freeing up lots of cash for signing bonuses. Would like to see several of our guys back on 2 year deals where half the value is signing bonus and minimum salary in 2021. It looks like the cap in 2022 and beyond will be back on inflationary path with new broadcast rights agreements.