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You know DC it’s amazing really. You are a decent guy.


Thx, I appreciate the comment. As I’ve mentioned. You can be very good at submitting some thought-provoking discourse, and I appreciate that as well.

I can’t even remember if Obama played golf but honestly it doesn’t do anything for me emotionally. Golf, don’t golf. People are allowed to unwind however they want even if they are the President.

Also true. Many moons ago, back an I had a life, I used to golf. (Badly. 😎) A lot of deals get done on a golf course, so I don’t really begrudge anyone a few hours out on a nice day.

I’m certain I’ve made some positive impressions back when I would golf. Also, a number of outings use golf to raise money for charities. I’ve played in a few. (Again, badly)

My high school had / has a Golf Team, and some of those kids were good. The school also uses a few annual events to help raise scholarship funds to assist people who can’t afford the tuition, so I’m pretty ambivalent about anyone getting some time out to decompress and soak up a little sun.

Oh, two recommendations, which are great even if you don’t play Golf. First, my favourite is Leslie Neilson’s video series. It’s hilarious, yet also touch on some fun points about the sport in general.

The other series is Tim Conway’s videos. He also provides some great hilarity at being a bad golfer.

My favourite line from the Leslie Neilson series (Probably not an exact quote.): “There are 10,000,000 people who play golf in the US. Out of those 10 million, 9,999,994 play it badly, so instead of trying to play well and feel miserable, play badly and feel good.” 😃

He also does some funny stunts, some probably not PC these days: “Want to shave 20 points off of your score? Put on a dress and hit from the Women’s Tee.”

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.