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Why is jo always f___ing sleeping?


Because he can?

Don’t knock a good nap. During lunch, as far back as my thirties, I would kick back at my desk during lunch and squeeze in twenty minutes. It really does refresh you and you’re more productive in the afternoon.

Prior to that, it was almost required that you had to do the The martini lunch. I did that a lot, and none of us were very productive upon returning to the office. (Granted, that action was almost required, as our VPs were usually there, so we probably did our afternoon work while gathered for lunch. The world has changed since then, but I can’t really knock it. (At one lunch in particular, we had a table of about fifteen or so. We all ordered our drinks, as that was a pre-cursor to lunch. Once, a new guy, just hired, ordered an Iced Tea. Or VP (jokingly) asked the table “What’s wrong with the new guy?” 😃))

The 80s were a very “unique” time in history.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.