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Enjoy the off-season. A well deserved break from all of your breakdowns. With Covid, it’ll be difficult to properly gauge prospects for the draft, but I do hope you’ll chime in with a few prospects in the future. After that, you’ll have a longer break until pre-season and the regular season.

There truly isn’t much to talk about with this down time specifically about on the field football. When I re-watch the playoffs, I tend not to watch the Super Bowl because the Bucs executed it so very well. Brett Kollman’s breakdown a month or two ago revealed the weakness of the Chiefs offense and we exploited it that way. The Bucs’ offense went dink-and-dunk with a pepper of long throws in between. It was a great display of a multi-dimensional offense. It’s the other three playoff games that were nail biters and I’d rather watch for review.

A lot of the posts nowadays are just rehashing far older posts. It doesn’t make any sense because we should be reveling in the Super Bowl win and how dominant it was. We should be discussing salary cap situation and possible other outcomes because we cannot keep everyone unless we become the new New Orleans Saints.

I will say this, though, I think Arians will swallow his humble pie and let Brady morph the offense to be the most efficient offense it can be because Brady did it.

Again, good luck on your vacation, @Nobody. And play the following song in your head, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!” with visions of baseball bats to computers in an empty field. LoL