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Who said anything about weakness? It’s unfortunate you’re a dropout in logic education and reading comprehension. Here’s the OP’s thread starter:

What position do you feel might have a player, drafted in 2021,

in the starting line-up for the Bucs??

1. This is what we people who do conversations call a “hypothetical”. The OP is querying what possible draftee could become a starter.

2. My response: “We need to improve at RG if we’re to improve our run blocking.”

3. Adding how this new RG can be done: “If we’re to save money and we’ve identified that Cappa is solid at pass blocking, then wouldn’t it be prudent to shift Cappa to center and draft a more talented RG who can run block and pass block?”

is incapable of seeing someone praise Cappa’s pass blocking that could be best maximize at center as well as give the Bucs $10 mil relief so that it can be used to possible keep OLB Barrett, DT Suh, K Succop, or WR Godwin. Guess some people can’t comprehend complex ideas. hahahahhahahahahahha What a pathetic pyscho ex behavior is @buc_boi ! He’s still trying to get football knowledge through osmosis from my left nut.