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The draft is viewed differently by each team.

The Patriots draft players primarily for niches on defense/STs. On one hand it is true the Patriots haven’t hit on many blue chip players in a long time. But on the other hand they have been competitive year to year.

Ravens and Steelers don’t always draft blue chip players and it is hard to do so when drafting so low year to year.

So, drafting players that fit systems or take in coaching IS important.

Seahawks do the same thing despite not having a great draft record.

Having good drafts is important to help salary cap. But coaching up drafted players, free agents, and undrafted free agents is more important.

Arians has been explicit about this the last two years as an another example. If a player responds to coaching and shows improvement that is what you are looking for.

Technically if you are a top 40 player on any NFL team by definition you are talented. But can you respond to coaching?

Build the trenches!