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Seems weird that none of our red board “draft pros” didn’t post this article.

Great article. I would have posted had I seen it.

I think it’s great PFF and others finally adapted some of baseballs analytics and applied them to the draft. Like seekpar said above, the article shows the highlights and lowlights of Licht’s draft resume. This comment is interesting because of the lack of first rounders mentioned:

Of their 29 draft selections since 2017, eight land in the 90th percentile of outcomes: Chris Godwin, Jamel Dean, Antoine Winfield Jr., Carlton Davis, Jordan Whitehead, Scotty Miller, Mike Edwards and Tristan Wirfs. That’s more than any other team. And most notably, Miller is the only pick among these who came late in the draft.

Of the four drafts, Tristan Wirfs is the only first rounder on the list. Howard and Vea don’t qualify because of injuries and White doesn’t because he’s been awful in coverage.

The article does error in not mentioning Justin Evans as 2nd round bust, along with MJ Stewart, in that four-year timeframe. But only two busts in four years isn’t bad – which is why the Bucs are atop that particular list.

One last note: it’s hilarious how much most Buccaneer fans, and the publisher of this website, discounted PFF’s grades/ranking whenever the Buccaneers and their players sucked. Now that they don’t suck and actually have good players, PFF magically knows what it’s talking about. Hell, the few times I’m bored enough to read one of Reynolds articles, he cites PFF all of the time now. Hilarious.