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I think Devin White isn’t mention because 90th percentile of outcome from the 5th overall pick in 2 seasons would probably be all pro numbers.

Yes, him not being an All-Pro is a factor. Obviously, he would be in that percentile if he was an All Pro – but he’s not. That was one of the negatives to drafting a LB with a top-5 pick. It’s tough to justify unless that LB’er is a perennial All-Pro. His very poor play in coverage is also a factor him not being in the 90th percentile – and not being an All-Pro.

I would bet Cappa’s numbers are up this year, that’s less to do with him and more to do with playing next to a solid player like Wirfs

Attributing one player’s performance/grade to another player isn’t a good thing to do. Cappa’s grade went up slightly (62 to 67) from last year. But what about his 2018 grade of 40? Which player playing beside him made that grade go up to 62 in 2019? Cappa deserves credit for improving every season, regardless of who was playing next to him.

Flip it the other way. Was Wirfs really, really good because he played next to Alex Cappa? No, Wirfs is just really, really good.