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JBear, you have information about when these people crossed the border? You sure they crossed it after Jan 20? The news report said they were probably farm workers. What about the farm owners? I’d put money that they are Republican. This is normal operating procedure. They are well aware of how their labor force operates. They depend on those cheap migrants. And what about us consumers? Don’t ask, don’t tell when it comes to our shopping habits. Aren’t we to blame? We could easily demand that our food be certified grown by documented workers, or better yet Americans! But we don’t.

That would mean more government regulation though, or enforcing current regulations.
If you want to find the undocumented you don’t need to check the desert, check the strawberry fields and lettuce fields. They’re there. But don’t interrupt the harvest, because those Republican farming corporation owners will raise bloody hell. They’re good PAC donors! And we hate government regulations anyway don’t we? We don’t want to over-regulate those poor farming corporations and force them to be accountable for their work force.

But you blame Biden of course. Because it’s what you do.