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Waiting to hear from JBear and Chron about the produce boycott we are starting together to protest the use of undocumented immigrants for agriculture in Southern California. This is a shocking development that we never knew about before, and we can’t let it stand.

After all, we are on the same page here. As a member of a quasi-union here in Florida, I am in favor of hiring Americans even if its a lot more expensive to pick the lettuce. Undocumented immigrants skew the payscale downwards in order for those rich business people to pad their pockets. That money should go to American workers. Sacrifices have to be made if we want to send those undocumented aliens back to Mexico and have America for Americans, right? The top crops in Southern Cali are grapes, almonds, pistachios, strawberries, flowers and tomatoes. I say we boycott all of them. Are you ready to do this, JBear? Boycott! What do you say?