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I’m for everyone’s right to boycott whatever they want but I just buy whatever is cheapest in part because I don’t support the union in Florida.

That’s not to say that I don’t support helping poor and struggling people because I do. I support private charity as any intelligent, forward looking person ought to. There is no reason for the government to administer every fucking thing done to help people. That is a ridiculous way to think. I am a very charitable person. Extremely so and not through my church either, I’m charitable through secular individual charities. I’ve volunteered my time and contributed my hard earned money to many, some of which I have posted about on this board in the past.

I support enforcing the laws we have and if that means fining or even arresting people who employ illegals then great, lets do that. Breaking laws needs to be discouraged not encouraged.

You guys always wear your hearts on your sleeves. Instead of doing the hard thing once and being done with it, you hem and haw about the employers but you won’t do anything about them. Then you make excuses for the poor workers and try to help them organize because Unions are awesome or something. I mean, I do get it, the union is a pet project of every progressive. Progress taking us back to the 1800’s through unionization.