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I don’t think it’s a bad thing that people are more concerned with health these days just because I’m for people’s right to do what they want with their own bodies.

Very true. I never smoked, but at work, everyone rose did. One guy who sat by my office smoked a pipe, but he was too cheap to buy quality tobacco, so he worked get these samples from the tobacco shop, and they always smelled like burning tires. Smoking kind of got phased out during the late 90s or so. It was a real culture shock to see that bars here still permit smoking.

Just thinking of the misogyny. I have to admit that all the men just telling their wives that they stayed in the city instead of coming home, never even crossed my mind before watching that show.

Also true. I remember that being divorced carried a stigma not unlike The Graduate. Some things just weren’t discussed. We had one lady at the other end of the block who was divorced. The weekly gossip amongst the other mothers was usually speculating who she was sleeping with. That was even the later part of the 60s. It’s odd, though. For being so socially repressed, it was still mostly fun; however, by the time before games like Pong came out, we were playing those early games in bars. Iirc, I was twenty-seven when 8 Bit NES came out. I knew right then that I was born too early. 😎 (Back then, you couldn’t screen scrape, not from a television. I played the original US Final Fantasy and played through until I had beaten it. I snapped a pic of the television screen and mailed it into Nintendo Power Magazine. I was listed as of the first people who finished it.)

I carried the gaming love into the 90s, but I mainly love JRPGs. So, I started learning Japanese. When my son was born in 93, he was learning Japanese without realising it, as he always played the earlier consoles with me. (That’s about the same time I got really rusty on Russian.)

Pretty sure none of us are getting away with that these days thank you cell phones and progressive Democrats.

Yeah, I’m kinda stuck on weighing certain freedom values against consequences. I’m not big on always being attached to GPS, and knowing exactly how easy it is to exploit the advances. Probably the best of that, in the positive, “Find My iPhone, GPS, chips, etc. Yay, at the same time I’m not certain that I’m keen knowing how easy it is to track someone or something. I imagine the proper answer lies somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed the Internet prior to when it turned into mostly marketing. I think, to some degree, I was already too burnt on the Internet.

Ç’est la vie. My daughter, all of twenty-one, I believe, would be lost if the airwaves dropped all of the RF. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.