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Yes it was.

There were certain Churches in Georgia, and Atlanta in particular where the Pastor would stand up and give a homily where there was no misunderstanding who the Pastor was rooting for. The Church would then provide the opportunity in the car park for people to sign up to vote as they came out of the service. Then they would provide transport to voting booth to vote early with their newly minted registration documents8, and back to the Church car park.

Totally in contradiction to their 503c status but the Federal Govt would do nothing about it. So some States decided they would.

A vote is a vote you say, and fair do’s you’re right. But you can make the argument those votes were cajoled. What’s more how would you feel if the your local Catholic Diocese decided they were going to go on an anti-abortion full court press, tell all their parishioners they are going to hell if they vote for their local Democrat then march them down to the local voting booth and “supervise” the saving of their souls. (see the soul to the poll reference now?)

If you are OK with that fine, but you know all those “undocumented” persons filtering across the border? 99% of them are Catholic.