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for clarity, this is Ocean Reef Club example (the timing):

“DeSantis himself is a resident of the gated enclave in the Florida Keys, as is Bruce Rauner, the former Republican governor of Illinois, who cut DeSantis a check for $250,000 last month, one week after he turned 65, the minimum age at the time for a vaccination in Florida.

Before Ocean Reef began vaccinating its residents, a political committee for DeSantis received 17 donations from Key Largo by December 2020, according to campaign-finance records reviewed by the Herald. All 17 are residents of Ocean Reef.

more to come on this story for sure because “Baptist Health” is the “hospital” that DeSantis says controlled the plan. Baptist health is a chain of several hospitals, INCLUDING TWO ACTUAL HOSPITALS FURTHER DOWN THE KEYS and in Miami-Dade . . so the question will be how did a tiny (but very wealthy ) community where DeSantis has a home get the vaccinations from Baptist health when obviously they vaccinate more of the 65+ population by going to either of their to actual hospitals in the Keys or Miami Dade?


““First we saw it in Sarasota County: $125,000 campaign donation, pop-up site,” she said. “We also saw it in Charlotte County: $50,000 campaign donation, pop-up site.”

A third site to vaccinate residents against Covid-19 popped up in Manatee County. All three of the selected communities were developed by Pat Neal, a Republican fundraiser who contributed $125,000 to DeSantis in 2018 and 2019.”