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The Offseason FA Priority List for me is as follows:

1) Shaq
2) Lavonte
3) Godwin
4) Suh
5) Gron
6) AB

I love Godwin, he’s been great and he’s a fantastic WR but we need to do what will help us most to get another SB THIS year, and that’s keeping this defense together.

Too many of you guys are worried about the future, because that’s ALL we’ve ever had to do for 15 years.. what about our draft picks? What about the cap space? That’s all out the window, we have the GOAT he’s probably only going to play for one more year, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN ANOTHER SUPERBOWL, not what it takes to be a 7-9 team after he’s gone.

The honest truth is that while it’d be great to keep him, he’s not vital to the offense. What we saw from our offense from the Bye week onward was a whole hell of a lot of 2TE sets. There will be plenty of receivers available in FA who we can sign for a 1 year $4-5 million range ala Breshad Perriman who will round out our receiver room with Mike, Scooter and TJ. If that guy is AB, it would be awesome.

I honestly think there’s a way that we can keep everybody if we shuffle some money around, that’d be my preference… mortgage the future like the Saints did for another run.