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Licht doesn’t want to mess with the OLine.

I disagree. The problems with Jensen (and Smith) still exists. Brady is just masking their deficiencies even more.

I also disagree with Jensen playing up to his contract. He isn’t and he hasn’t. Since he was first signed, I was critical of Jensen because I had Marpet as my standard at center. We got amazing crap in 2018, making Jensen the highest paid center in the league.

Licht signed FA Evan Deitrich-Smith and he was easily replaced with off the street Joe Hawley. Then we moved Marpet to center and Wisnton actually had a pocket to stand up into! Marpet played 11 games at center and the OLine gave up only 20 sacks. But when Marpet and Dotson fell to injury in game 11, the next five games the OLine gave up 20 sacks (C EDS, RT Benenoch).

To me, sticking with Jensen and his $10 mil is akin to sticking with Winston and the projected $32 mil per year contract. Instead, we got Brady at $25 mil per year. Welp, Andrews would save $4 mil.

I would rather shift Cappa to center and draft a RG because that would save us $10 mil. Remember, AQ Shipley did an adequate job at center and that’s a center at the end of his career. Cappa doesn’t possess the athleticism to bull through the 2nd level, but his athletic trait mimics that of Jensen.

The problem we encounter is, “Has Cappa been learning how to play center?”

This is why I came up with Andrews as a compromise.

Run Production, Bucs

    2018: 95.2 ypg (29th overall)
    2019: 95.1 ypg (24th)
    2020: 94.9 ypg (28th)

Run occurrence, Mid/Guard

    2018: 65% (25th run production)
    2019: 70% (19th run production)
    2020: 62% (7th run production)

2020 PFF grades

    LT Smith: 72.1 PFF rating, 6 sacks, 11 penalties
    LG Marpet: 86.7 PFF rating, 0 sacks, 3 penalties
    C Jensen: 64.9 PFF rating, 4 sacks, 4 penalties
    RG Cappa: 69.0 PFF rating, 0 sacks, 2 penalties
    RT Wirfs: 82.2 PFF rating, 1 sacks, 3 penalties

The weakest link on the OLine is Jensen. Granted, this is PFF and I feel they’re subjective than objective overall, but I respect their work and it’s recorded work year after year. We run a lot up the gut and we improved vastly due to Marpet getting that hip surgery done in the off-season.

Jensen PFF

    2017: 72.3 PFF rating, 3 sacks, 4 penalties
    2018: 56.6 PFF rating, 1 sacks, 11 penalties
    2019: 79.3 PFF rating, 1 sacks, 3 penalties
    2020: 64.9 PFF rating, 4 sacks, 4 penalties

Here’s the odd part, the 2019 OLine wasn’t great.
Team sacks allowed, Bucs

    2018: 41 sacks allowed
    2019: 47 sacks allowed
    2020: 22 sacks allowed

This is why I don’t trust PFF as their 2019 recordings did not match the eye test.

Ali Marpet PFF score at Center, Bucs

    2017: 81.5, 3 sacks allowed, 4 penalties

When talking about Jensen, then you need scope. If Marpet is the standard and Jensen is one of the highest paid centers, then Jensen is an overpaid center for average… err near below average talent, as per PFF.

David Andrews PFF

    2017: 84.7 pff rating, 2 sacks, 2 penalties
    2018: 73.3 pff rating, 2 sacks, 4 penalties
    2019: injured reserved
    2020: 67.7 pff rating, 2 sacks, 1 penalties

The Bucs probably improve by signing Andrews and releasing Jensen. The gamble is if Andrews can remain healthy because Jensen has been durable. Yet, injuries are a matter of bad luck.

Oh… did I forget to mention that Andrews centered Brady before? So if we’re not going to trust Cappa at center to save $10 mil, then maybe Andrews is a good compromise at $4 mil less. I’m surprised that’s his projection contract, 3 years for $18 mil.