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Trump is already President, Biden is just a ruse until they can arrest the Pope, who wants the US to be taken over by a world government led by an antichrist (I’m guessing that’s Obama).

But in the off chance that turns out to be somewhat untrue, the QAnon group is apparently ready to wait until 2024. 2024? They better come up with something better than that, because I’m not going to “hold the line” until 2024! That’s almost four years. You try holding the line for four years and see how you like it. Do you realize how many babies will get eaten during that time?

The Republican Party is so screwed because they are depending on these nut jobs to come out and vote. That’s why people like JBear and Chron will never say a bad word about them. But as Peter Pan has already stated, QAnon doesn’t give a rats ass about the Republican Party. Thats why they screwed over the Republicans by staying out of the Georgia runoff.

If Trump doesn’t get the nomination in 2024, guess who’s going to get on the QAnon shit list? The Republican Party. The Republican meltdown is coming. Its just gettin’ warmed up.

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