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If anyone thinks that Shaq is replaceable by any of the free agents…they are insane.

And for the guy who said he couldn’t crack the starting lineup in Denver…I have to tell you about their linebacker situation? Don’t be such a noob.

Shaq has elite pressure numbers, his coverage is decent, and his sack totals are great. You cannot replace that. His presence in that lineup is vital, and without him, the defense is going to be alright, but it won’t be nearly as effective at generating pass rush, which is job 1.

Brady needs a good defense to back him up.

They need to keep Shaq and David, and maybe fiddle with the salaries (convert to bonus? Depends on if the Glazers want to give that money away in a block payment, and that’s a big IF…) and try to retain Godwin, and Gronk (his blocking was supreme, possibly why Smith came out looking roses…it certainly helped him for sure!). Gronk looked to be quick as hell from his start here as a Buc, in which he looked like he was covered in cement.

AB isn’t a need, he is a vital luxury, but he shouldn’t be a replacement for Godwin. Godwin was handpicked and grown, and Brady raves about the kid. He was beat to hell and still motored on, I still think Licht may tag him, and figure out his salary after one more title run where they can start to cut fat off this roster again.