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“I am specifically proud of his efforts to clean up Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades”

so am I

“The brouhaha about cronyism for vaccines was brought about by Fried. It has been explained a number of times but people of your ilk and that of Fried’s are trying to stir up something where nothing exists.”


As I posted before (I think you ignored that one) its actually statistically impossible to say that in the case of Bradenton/Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch

again, I assume that’s why you keep skipping over it and now are, apparently calling it a “Dem hoax” of sorts

Sincerely, me and “my ilk” :-)

(PS when your defense of “vaccine cronyism” begins with other things DeSantis has done well with the everglades . . sort of a sign tat you know there’s an actual problem with “vaccine cornyism” not just Dems stirring the pot)