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I totally agree with these points. Great write up. But lets look at your list.

1) Shaq
2) Lavonte
3) Godwin
4) Suh
5) Gronk
6) AB

I agree that Shaq should be the top priority, but I would move Godwin ahead of Lavonte. Lavonte is now 31 years old and going into his 10th season. Don’t be surprised if they draft Mizzou LB Nick Bolton at 32 to groom as his replacement.

As for Shaq, I agree with the consensus that drafting an edge rusher at 32 to replace him if he leaves via FA will also be an option.

Godwin should be easy to bring back if the price can be reasonable for both. And based on his interviews, he seems like a reasonable guy who would give the Bucs a hometown discount. Plus his smokin’ hot fiancee loves it here.

AB, Suh, and Gronk should be easy to retain on cap friendly deals. Especially AB and Gronk because AB knows no one else will touch him and Gronk will only play with TB12.