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Of course Hitler was worse than Trump. Congratulations to Trump for not being the absolute worst human being in history. Trump is not responsible for the deaths of millions of people. So thats a reasonable request not to compare Hitler to Trump.

So forget the comparisons. Lets just talk about what Trump is capable of. I think it would be a mistake to underestimate what Trump is capable of if he has the power. Trump opened the door to that speculation. How he handled the post-election with the Big Lie culminated by the January 6th insurrection gives us all the right to speculate. What would Trump do if the system of checks and balances hadn’t have worked. If he had been successful in eliminating the checks and balances, politicizing the military, and overrunning the elected legislature, as he tried so hard to do, what would he have done with that power? What would he do to his political foes if he had the chance? What would he allow the right wing militias to get away with if it was up to him?

Oh yes, its very fair to speculate. That door was blown wide open on January 6th.