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I am ALL for drafting DL/EDGE at 32, agreed with you 100%.

Even if we retain Shaq, that’s a position we should be looking to add depth/rotational starters with upside early in the draft.

Another monster DT with some strength to replace Suh…or an EDGE player who can bend. I was happy with Nelson’s progression last season, he earned his snaps as a gap filler with some length and strength… but we need someone with Shaq’s burst and quickness off the snap, and his ability to bend in half. Supposedly half the board thinks he’s a bum, but I digress.

I do not think an inside backer taken at 32 overall can come in and play in this defense with the processing speed and closing speed which Lavonte shows even at 31 years old.

David and White are the heart of this defense, and while White’s made the splash players, David’s done the dirty work and mentored the kid. I fucking LOVE seeing David coach White up, love how competitive they are with each other, trash talking each other like brothers.

I think Godwin’s gotta be looking at Diggs contract as what’s realistic. 4-5 years @ $14-15 million is probably what he’s worth. CG’ woman is a certified babe. She looks like she could clench her butt cheeks and rip your dick off, but in a good way.

I’m less certain on AB, I don’t see him coming back for cheap… he drives way too many supercars to take home town discounts. If he’s in for another 1 year deal at $5 million, sure? Could another team give him the term? Keep all these guys on 1 year deals.

Gronk will definitely be back, and if Lenny doesn’t want to come back for cheap I really like the idea of Marlon Mack, Bucman brought him up.. LOVE that.. or James White AND Adrian Peterson to replace Lenny and Shady.