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Sportrac has Shaq’s projected Market value at $19.5 mil per year. A 4-year contract worth $78.8 mil.

If we can’t outbid Jax, then maybe we could try to sign Yannick Ngakoue. His projected Market value is at $15.5 mil a year. A 4-year contract worth $62.3 mil.

The current cap space available for 2021, according to Sportrac, is $19 mil. It’s possible we can retain Shaq if we give him $19 mil a year, but there goes all the cap space.

Possible cap cuts:

    LT Smith $14.25 mil
    C Jensen $10 mil
    TE Brate $6.5 mil
    DE Gholston $5.5 mil

We can save $10 mil if we release Jensen, shift Cappa to center, and draft a RG in the first two rounds. We can also release Gholston. Those two cuts can help retain TE Gronk, DT Suh, and WR AB.