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Ahhh… but this is why I shared 2018 and 2019 sacks allowed. We were a better personnel unit in 2019 as we had a below average RG as opposed to a porous RG in 2018 (both Benenoch and Cappa). Winston was QB both of those years, but we still managed to give up more sacks.

FBO adjusted sack rate rank:

    2018: 15th (6.6%)
    2019: 22nd (7.6%)

This is why I said Koetter’s the better OLine coach because he did more with less (no actual starting RG in 2018).

I knew that Brady would drop the sacks down tremendously because he would throw it away than lose sack yards. Brady masks a lot of deficiencies, including sacks and playcalling.

The question is, what happens when we don’t have Brady? This is why we need to upgrade the Oline.