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There’s little to no debate about this. This team is the most talented team of all time.

Suh – HOF stats
JPP – HOF stats
David – HOF stats
Vea – HOF trajectory, his first two seasons are favorable for HOF consideration
Shaq – HOF trajectory
Windfield – Rookie year to die for
Wirfs – already top 3 at his position in the game
White – 2nd season, dominant tackle machine with a propensity for turnovers.
Brady – HOF three times over
Evans – Has done something no other receiver has done
Godwin – Super solid franchise 1 type player
AB – HOF stats
Gronk – HOF
Lenny – playoff woke
Jones – getting better with every touch.

You just can’t argue against it being the most talented team of all time. If healthy, the 2021 team could be the best ever.