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Dang red board are my lengthy post. So dumb.

Godwin will be tagged and that is quite the steal. He is at least in a conversation with Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper. They both make 20m.

How many of theses guys are better that’s Shaq?

$21 million DeMarcus Lawrence, DE
$21 million DeForest Buckner, D
$20.8 million Frank Clark, DE
$20 million Chris Jones, D
$19.016667 million Von Miller, OLB

He is definitely worth 20m but I bet he takes 17m to stay with Tampa.

Not that I think it comes down to it, but you have to cut all of the middle of the road guys before you let the elite guys like Barrett, Godwin, David walk

LT Smith $14.25 mil
C Jensen $10 mil
TE Brate $6.5 mil
DE Gholston $5.5 mil

Worse case you cut them all. I’m not sure how Gholston can stay at that number, even after his solid season.

Smith has to be restructured.