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Nobody wants to lose Shaq. A lot of us don’t want to pay him 20+ mil a year at the expense of our other guys. If he won’t take around 18 a year, I don’t think you resign him.

He is gonna be pushing 30 and if he wants to play for the Jags or Jets at 21 mil per, then good luck and have fun. At least in Jacksonville he keeps his tax money.. but who is he working beside?

He might go there and put up 15 sacks and his replacement is mediocre and puts up 6. Then Boid Fink is right.

Of course the opposite could also happen. Shaq is a terrific player and I don’t think the system and his line mates make him but they don’t hurt. Shaq had 8 regular season sacks then feasted on mostly backups. The culture of the team has changed. Anybody coming in, will be putting in their best work because of the Brady effect. In my mind that pushes the FA bust rate way down unless injuries are the culprit.

The truth prolly lies somewhere in the middle of this argument where he would be missed and the line would be slightly less impactful but it wouldn’t be enough to derail the season. Especially if he is let go in order to retain David, Godwin, Suh, Succop, Gronk. Again, all just opinion but fyi … I do watch the games.