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You are missing the point here. The fumble making the difference implies that maybe the Bucs were involved in a tight game. Just exactly how talented were the 2020 Bucs in the playoffs?

2020 Bucs’ playoffs record

    Wild card: TB 31, WFT 23; point differential = 8 points
    Division: TB 30, NO 20; point differential = 10 points
    Conference: TB 31, GB 26; point differential = 5 points
    Super Bowl: TB 31, KC 9; point differential = 22 points

2002 Bucs’ playoffs record

    Division: SF 6, TB 31; point differential = 25 points
    Conference: TB 27, PHi 10; point differential = 17 points
    Super Bowl: TB 48, Oak 21; point differential = 27 points

As you can see, the OP is bringing this up only because of the Super Bowl and not the whole playoff run. That’s called cherry picking.

If you look at what the 2002 Super Bowl Bucs did as a whole in the playoffs, then it puts the 2020 Bucs to shame. The 2002 Bucs were dominate in all their games in the playoffs, AINEC. I shared the point differential to make it easier to identify the dominance and the consistent dominance in the playoffs.

I hope this helps! We got a HOF QB to fix our offensive woes and push us to win a Super Bowl. Brady is that amazing!