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Good effort, but I have to downvote it because there is too much wishful thinking here.

Starting with O-line. These guys who are going to be able to cash in as FAs next year like Smith and Jensen are going to want to wait until next year when the cap is larger. It will be tough to get team friendly deals right now with them.

Barrett for $18 mil is not going to happen. He is an unrestricted FA who will get $20 mil, some of it may get pushed out to 2022 because of the expectation of a bigger cap next time.

Gronk and Suh for $4 mil each? You are pulling that out of thin air, because there is nobody who thinks they will sign for that cheap. Not gonna happen.

David your essentially saying a three year deal for $30 mil. If you put a fourth non-guaranteed year on there it means nothing, because he’ll never see that money. Just my opinion hes’ going to get $12 or $14 mil per year for three years from somebody.

Mac Jones lasting until 23 is wishful, and besides the Bucs are not going to trade up for a player who’s not going to play next year using a player who can be a stud next year if he can stay healthy. Not to mention Nixon isn’t going to last to the bottom of Round 2.

It would all be good if it could happen, but it can’t so it isn’t.