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the GOP has offered NO alternative

I was watching Bill Maher last night. His group summed it up the best, and there was agreement with the Republicans he had on.

The QOP, under Trump and beyond, currently do not have any form of platform. IMHO, it’s kind of difficult to discuss issues when one party has no opinion or stance on those issues. The only party platform at the moment is, whatever Trump wants, yet Trump, who has no experience in politics, has that glaringly revealed. He has no opinion on policy, as he doesn’t understand policy, or any of the issues.

Trump was even big on rolling out Tariffs, which have always been as Democratic stance, hated by Republicans. It’s disturbing to see people who should be unequivocally opposed to Tariffs and Russia So vociferously support Tariffs and going light on Russia.

There really needs to be more viable parties, yet ones that don’t have to have their heads up their asses. I don’t even have to agree with them. It’s just sad to see, in a deeply “Two Party System”, one of those parties losing their shit so completely.

Will Biden’s name be on the checks? Because then how will Q claim he’s not the real President?

It would be somewhat fun to see Q peeps, working at banks, denying to accept Stimulus Checks with Biden’s name, as it obviously must be fraudulent. 😎

The irony is, note that Trump is out of office, and notorious for not paying anyone (minus porn stars hush money, but that’s in cash, and he still tried to get out of repeating that), I imagine that we’ve witnessed tiger last time Trump’s signatures will ever be in another check. 😎

Granted, he may write one more, should he be ready to trade in Melania for an upgrade. Although, I’m not certain how the purchase process goes for Soviet Trophy Brides. I’m very familiar with the old e-mail scams, (I actually kinda miss them, compared to the modern-day SSA Fraud), but as mentioned in my parenthetical, mail order bride scams are a thing of the past. IMHO. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.