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Capitalism is based on the basic premise that humans are inherently greedy (the original sin). So it employs many checks and balances to the power structure. If it is employed without nepotism or skull and bones monopolistic secret agreements, the basic premise of supply and demand for setting a price has worked extremely well for hundreds of years.

Communism, Illuminism, socialism, is also know as collectivism has never worked anywhere that it has been tried. Additionally, the nations that have attempted it have become extremely poor and a bloody mess. Nobody will work hard to supply goods for someone else’s family. It is not human nature.
Many of the ultra rich believe in communism (the New World Order) as they also have faith that population reduction will help the planet, although none of them are ready to volunteer for the research. Communism comes from the mind of Satan. Research the Elder Protocols of Zion. The steps of Karl Marx’ Communist De Manifesto. Then read Revelations.
I just marvel at how much money and time these Satanic minded elites spend on population reduction, global warming, and MK Ultra type control over the media. If they applied themselves to other urgent planetary solutions that need fixing…like garbage. Why cant we stop dumping all the trash into the ocean and burying it landfills? What about the deserts? You could build desalinization plants and try to irrigate the arid land and reclaim it for habitation, farm land, and forests. What about all the other things you could apply billions of dollars to? I just LOL at their demented sick anti-human plans.