Buc on the Move

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“I am totally in a different realm, because I usually pay to play sports, but I have trouble seeing why someone would leave the Bucs merely for a chance of getting 10% more or so, when you have a good chance to play for another ring with guys you developed some chemistry; and would not have to learn a new offense and deal with a new quarterback.”

I totally feel you man. Thinking about the seasonal contract work I do in a team based environment on ships. If I have a team I believe in and love to work with, with great chemistry and philosophy I jive with, and a different employer were to offer 10% more on my day rate to come work for them next season, forget about it. You never know what kinda of shitstorm you can find yourself in. Not worth it for that 10%. If I’m not in to the other team members or the operation as a whole, then sure it’s worth it, and more pay makes it an easy pill to swallow.

Now start slinging around +20%…+30%, and I can start to stomach a lot more
I hope our key players feel the same way, and we get them all back. Even without one or two, I think we can adapt and absorb new players.