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By using your logic, one could easily apply the same principles In relation to other theories.

1.) Other than some very old writings, most by unknown writers, you can’t prove that Judaism, Christianity or Christ actually existed. Books can be fictional. Millions of fictional books exist across the world. Even in Ancient Greece, Homer wrote fiction. As a result, you have no physical proof of the reality of any of your religions.

2.) You have never actually seen yourself. The eye only records light that reflects back from surfaces. No light, and no image. As a result, your view of yourself is limited to what is revealed to the eye, so you have only seen a reflection of yourself, as your eye perceives images through the illumination. How can you be certain that your eyes reveal images based upon the absorption, refraction, and reflection of light in the same manner that another’s eyes would reveal? You have no proof that the image you see before you is actually you.

3.) Trump’s ass would constantly be wedged into the chair in the Oval Office and would require extraction by Secret Service. The only reason we don’t know of this is due to it not being reported in the media. They must’ve collectively agreed to not cover stories involving Trump’s ass. Since you can’t prove otherwise, it must be true.


I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.