Boid Fink

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The overall lowering of the cap is obviously a kink in all negotiations. The agents are pretending like this is a temporary issue and their clients are entitled to pre-covid money. The cap will climb back to typical inflation changes (no pandemic).

The teams are saying they have other players to pay already, and their money is hampered, and obviously the agents do not care.

This is going to be a very peculiar dynamic between these two opposing elements. Agents and owners have had a push/pull relationship forever but will the economic metrics affect the ability of agents to understand this situation, or will the owners just collectively lowball everyone during this recession/depression?

Glazers don’t like to convert salary to bonus, very often. Doesn’t seem to be their style. But if a lot of players but in to getting their money now, this cap issue is an easy fix. But it’s up to the Glazers to buy in to the team winning again. Do they have that in them?