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The question was “best” head coach, not “most successful Bucs HC”. If you had to hire one of them for your team, who would you hire? That’s the question.

You have to look at McKay. He won 3 college national championships by the AP Poll, 4 by the Coaches Poll. He had an impossible job coaching for an expansion team with a cheapskate owner. Would any of those other three have fared any better than three playoff appearances in 9 years? How good would the Bucs have been if they had resigned Doug Williams? There were questions about his ability to communicate, but Gruden has been know to wear thin on his players as well. Sure if “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts something something…. but that’s what I’m asking. Who was the best head coach?

There isn’t a huge gap between 1-4, but I’ll go with Arians slight edge over the rest. I’m not saying Arians is a hall of fame coach, but I think he nudges out the competition IMO.

1) Arians. Great
2) McKay. Lost 44 more games than he won, but who would have done better with that ownership? Sure college is a different job, but winning college titles does indicate there is some ability to coach there.
3) Gruden. In the office by 5am, but his act wears thin over time.
4) Dungy. Motivator, great person, refused to give over power of the offense.

Again, all four were very good coaches, and of there is no clearcut difference, which is why I think its a good topic of discussion. As for Kiffin, his only HC experience was at 3 years at NC State (16-17) after which he was let go. He was a great DC, but that’s a totally different job from HC. He never received a HC job, and that fact alone might tell you something.