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I hope that they can use the extended deadline to get a deal done with Godwin, and thereby have the tag applied to Succop. Succop would earn about $4.7 mil with the tag. He pushed his value way up by showing that he was money in the playoffs. He didn’t have to hit a game winner in the playoffs, but still he didn’t show any sign of nerves all year. How much is it worth to know that your kicker won’t pull a choke job in the playoffs? He’s well worth that $4.7 mil, and if he’s going to shop around he’s going to be tougher to resign than people think. He knows its a business and as soon as he hits a cold streak he’ll be put out on the street. This is his chance to cash in, and I fully expect he’ll do that. Godwin is the priority, but we need to get him a long term deal anyway. So get it done. With Succop its not critical to get a long term deal, but it is critical to have him on the team for a Superbowl repeat run. Tag him.