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Here’s an in-depth article on Greenberg, also corroborates in the signing of Brady: link

Greenberg is the money guy. Even Licht praises Greenberg being the money. It’s nice to give kudos to Greenberg.

Let me rephrase my original post into a question for you, so you can fully understand my point, since my point eludes you…

Would you licht haters blame mike Greenberg or Jason licht had we dropped the ball on LVD 54?

Get it now?

But then again, you’d have to have the capacity to incorporate depth and nuance in one’s mind. Oh well, could only lead a horse to water.

Never did understand the superiority complex you brainless followers have, I’m just glad you went a post without regurgitating the same talking point again, “cut jenson, save 10 million”, so bravo to you for growing out of that brainless parrot phase you were stuck in.